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"Quiet diet" Riga - 3

With the antinoise barrier demonstration in Riga on April 29, 2015 the Project ISRNM for the third time joint to the global tradition of "guiet diet" minute.

Blocks assembly probation

Before anti - noise wall construction new blocks go thru quality probation and assembly methods elaboration.

"Quiet diet" in Riga - 2

During the discussion in the EU House in Riga on April 30 the Project ISRNM second time joint to the global tradition "quiet diet" minute on current day and time.


ISRNM team represented the Project in "Internoise 2013" Congress (15. - 18. Sept., 2013, Innsbruck, Austria). Theme of the Congress was "Noise control for Quality of Life".

Inspection of the location

ISRNM implementation coordinators and designers have inspected building yard before the confirmation of the rail noise abatement wall general project.

About the Project

Latvian Railway (LDz) in cooperation with Riga Technical University (RTU) Railway Transport Institute and Latvian enterprise Composite Constructions Ltd in august 2012 launched LIFE+ project Innovative Solutions for Railway Noise Management. 


LIFE+ program is EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects. The main aim of LIFE+ program is to contribute to passing, amending and enforcing of EU environmental policy and legislation.


Office: Gogola street 3, Riga, Latvia, LV-1547