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09.10.2013 (All day)

One of the Project aims is an additional anti – noise barrier - a 300 m long “green wall” formation from noise absorbing plants. That will be planted along the innovative, environment friendly railway noise abatement wall in Riga, in the area of the railway station Skirotava, and will hold back railway noise and improve the wall visually.

First professional consultation about “green wall” creation was held with experts from the municipal enterprise “Rīgas meži” in October 9. “Green wall” and the whole Project is a significant contribution to the Riga city and citizens. Therefore in this discussion the executive director of Riga city also participated.  He was interested in the walls location, the cooperation with the city municipality administrative structures and citizens, as well as the predicted impacts to the existing plants in area during the Project realization process.

Consultancy to the ISRNM team was held from “Rīgas meži” expert, who manages Riga’s parks development and maintenance. During the discussion many plant options were observed, which one of them would be applicable to the urban environment, the Project objectives and Latvia’s climate.  Experience has shown that a choice of plants in urban area depends at least from four specific factors: internal combustion engine exhaust gas; street salt (in winter); city dust and anthropogenic factor (humans and home animal ravages). In the end of the discussion participants agreed that the cooperation with municipality experts need to continue on a mutually acceptable form.

After a consultation in the "Rīgas meži" office, participants of the discussion went to garden nursery “Baltezers”.  There was an opportunity to look at suitable plants for “green wall” and listen to gardeners practical recommendations.