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Latvian Railway (LDz) concern is one of the biggest in the Latvia, employing more than 11 600 people. LDz is the biggest payer of social and resident income taxes to state budget. LDz economic activities make contribution to the vole state economics.

LDz is responsible for managing public use railway. In this context one of the obligations has been reducing of railway pollution, including noise.

In environmental noise management LDz used: 1) the greatest possible track connection interval; 2) as far as possible, more flexible anchorage track structures; 3) regular maintenance of infrastructure (rail grinding, the property maintenance in good condition, as well as acoustical wall forming in places where rail noise is rated as high, and the population is broken by acoustic discomfort).

The Ministry of Transport has entitled LDz as authority in railway traffic noise problem resolving in accordance with EU Directive No. 2002/49/EC.

Till now LDz has to provide funding in such railway noise resolving researches: "Railway rolling stock noise measurement result processing and mapping methodology development" and "Latvian railway rolling stock noise exposure and distribution in mathematical modeling and experimental studies”.

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