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On April 29, in the "Latvian Railway" training center in Riga (Dzirnavu Street 147/3) an ISRNM project event took place dedicated to the International Noise Awareness Day.

It was the first time when the general public had the opportunity to see and learn about ISRNM developed anti-noise wall fragment what is created from composite materials blocks.


In the end of February composite blocks and a wide frequency sound absorption pads (Helmholtz resonators) are delivered for the first phase of anti – noise wall construction to the warehouse of ISRNM project affiliate partner "Composite Constructions Ltd" (CC).


One of ISRNM project aims is the EU rail noise applied method RMR adaptation for the 1520 mm gauge railway. The project activity B2 - RMR method adaptation and improvement  will be worked out by specialists from  RTU Institute of Railway Transport. In June 2014 they completed the theoretical part of the RMR method analysis and compiled the next steps of experimental research plan.


Associated ISRNM partner SIA „Composite Constructions” (CC) in January 2014 started blocks production for anti-noise barrier. The composite blocks for noise protection walls construction are produced by the original technology in new equipment, which was designed in Latvia and produced in China after the international procurement tender.


First international "quiet diet" attempt in Latvia took place on April 24 in the European Union House in Riga. Event was dedicated to the environmental noise pollution identification and was hold as a part of International Noise Awareness Day.


The presentation of LIFE+ program financed project Innovative Solutions for Railway Noise Management has been hold in the conference hall of Ministry of Transport on January 30, 2013.


In order to recommend the best composite materials for railway noise abatement wall construction and to set up most effective barrier location, modeling specialists are contracted and preparation work has been started.


Railway transport created noise levels measurements had been made in Riga in the territory of railway station Skirotava.