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In the end of February composite blocks and a wide frequency sound absorption pads (Helmholtz resonators) are delivered for the first phase of anti – noise wall construction to the warehouse of ISRNM project affiliate partner "Composite Constructions Ltd" (CC).

In Riga, in the area of the railway station “Skirotava”, anti-noise wall will be constructed with specially for a particular pilot project designed sound absorption blocks and pads, which are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials (elastomer, organic fibers and other recyclable materials).  

The blocks are produced in accordance with the CC specialists designed material and product manufacturing technologies. Quality control tests confirmed that the blocks provide good sound absorption and mechanical strength properties which are important in building structures during the construction of the wall.

Weight of one structural composite unit is almost 8 kg. Compared with similar size of blocks in traditional building, composite blocks are considerably lighter. Therefore construction is also possible in places where heavy and powerful construction support techniques have restricted access. Composite blocks assembly should not be used in the bricklaying of walls distributed binders (mortar or adhesive), because these sets has been constructed like pads in the "Lego" constructor game.

Blocks sides are embedded with runners where the resonator pads will be placed for better wall acoustic effect. These pads also are made from composite materials and are very easy to assemble without binders.

CC specialists made probation in the company warehouse for the blocks and the resonator assembly methodology before anti – noise wall construction and recommended his adjustments.