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First international "quiet diet" attempt in Latvia took place on April 24 in the European Union House in Riga. Event was dedicated to the environmental noise pollution identification and was hold as a part of International Noise Awareness Day.

Reference: International Noise Awareness Day (INAD) was established before 18 years by New York based Center for Hearing and Communication. The goal of INAD is to educate the general public about the hazardous impact of noise on hearing and health. Now this action is spread worldwide. The annual INAD took place on April 24. Traditional activities: information dissemination about hearing protection, free hearing screenings, town meetings with noise experts, local representatives and politicians, “quiet diet” highlight the day with 60 seconds of “no noise” from 2:15 – 2:16 p.m., regardless of location, etc.  

The event in EU House in Riga was attended by students from Riga’s 25 high school class 8. This school is located nearby railway and noisy wagon-forming station Skirotava. Experts introduced students about transportation noise impacts on human health and behavior, demonstrated the experimental noise level measurements with professional instruments, presented innovative noise abatement materials and told about other solutions to the noise problem.

First INAD event in Latvia was initiated by the Europe Union LIFE+ program co-financed project “Innovative Solutions for Railway Noise Management” (ISRNM). Project has three performers: “Latvian Railways”, Riga Technical University and private company “Composite Constructions”.  One of the project targets is to build 1000 m long railway noise abatement wall in Riga, in the area of the railway station Skirotava. This wall will be made from innovative, environmentally friendly noise absorbable composite materials and must reduce the impact of noise on inhabitants in densely populated territory.

Initiators from ISRNM hope to establish event in INAD context as an annual tradition in Latvia and attracting other businesses and public authorities too.