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The presentation of LIFE+ program financed project Innovative Solutions for Railway Noise Management has been hold in the conference hall of Ministry of Transport on January 30, 2013.

In accordance with LIFE+ program grant contract the main coordinator for this Project is state joint stock company Latvian Railway, what has implemented the Project together with partners from Riga Technical University and private company Composite Constructions Ltd.

Project implementation activity must be completed until July 31, 2015, when three main aims will be secured.

Firstly, to use innovative, environmentally friendly, noise absorbable composite materials, in order to set up one kilometer long railway noise abatement wall in Riga in area of railway station Skirotava. Wall should reduce the impact of noise to inhabitants of populous territory considering EU and state regulations and legislation.

Secondly, to create a railway green anti-noise barrier - hedgegrow 300 m along the noise abatement wall, that may hold back railway noise and improve wall visually.

Thirdly, researchers from Riga Technical University will make adaptation of the RMR method for railway noise measurements used in EU for the situation in Latvia and other countries where 1520 mm gauge railway system are in service.

As result of Project Riga will receive the first railway noise abatement wall in Latvia. Project activities are not important only for Riga and Latvia. As result of Project all EU countries will receive innovative, tested, environmentally friendly technology for railway noise abatement wall construction and new railway noise measurement method that is adapted to 15200 mm gauge system.

The most complete information about the Project, participants and implementation activities will be available on the Project website www. , what will be announced during a presentation.