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On April 29, in the "Latvian Railway" training center in Riga (Dzirnavu Street 147/3) an ISRNM project event took place dedicated to the International Noise Awareness Day.

It was the first time when the general public had the opportunity to see and learn about ISRNM developed anti-noise wall fragment what is created from composite materials blocks.

Main objective of the event was awareness of impact of noise pollution in our daily life to our health and behavior.  Participants heard the use of modern methods what will help to limit environmental pollution’s negative effects. The event took place in Riga for the third time, the participants joined the international "quiet diet" minute at 14:15.


USA New York based Hearing and Communication Centre (CHC) 20 years ago established the International Noise Awareness Day. This Day occur once a year on a particular day in many countries of the world. In this Day various events that draw public’s attention to the noise has been generated.  For example: an information leaflet providing,  doctors and acoustics specialist lectures, free hearing test and consultation, municipal leaders focus on noise problems, "the quiet diet" minute at 14:15 to 14:16 (local time), etc.

This time in Riga event participants had the opportunity to learn about some innovative methods and devices what today are available to the people to reduce environmental noise. The event had lecturers from the Latvian University and Riga Stradins University. Participants were involved in a new anti-noise wall pilot experiment, where the noise difference results were measured with professional equipment.  The noise reduction effect turned out was surprisingly good. Event participants also got the Ministry of Transport representative presentation, which informed about the cross-border project "Rail Baltica" noise mitigation plans near the new high-speed track.

One of ISRNM objectives by organizing the first International Noise Awareness Day and "quiet diet" minute in 2013 was to establish an annual tradition of this event to promote environmental noise problems as well as to attract other social partners.